The Team


In the midst of the pandemic came an idea to create a cannabis focused packaging company. What started with one client and 200 square feet of working space has transformed into 150+ clients and a 18,000+ sq.ft building. 

We have quickly become the go-to packaging company for hundreds of brands big and small. 

We pride ourselves in providing eye-catching designs and manufacturing packaging right here in the United States. 


Aaron S.

Danielle R.
Project Manager

Stephanie T.

Ashley W.
Marketing Director

Kyle P. 
Account Manager

Megan Y.
Design Team

Anna E.
Design Team

Thomas W.
Production Manager

Ted G.
Machinery Technician

Michael A.
Tube Technician

Nick A. 
Tube Technician

Jim H.
Tube Technician

Kevin C.
Tube Technician

Bailey S.
Tube Technician

Colton M.
Tube Technician